29 September, 2016

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Cupid Space Computer Matching Open Day on
                 08/10/2016 (Saturday) ; 11.00am - 3.00pm
CALL 012-2401802 for Appointment 

<丘比特的天空》单身电脑配对服务开放日  2016年10月8日(星期六)须联络 012-2401802 预约

Cupid Space Activities Center is opening on 08/10/2016(Saturday) form 11.00am -3.00pm at Damansara Perdana venue for cupid member to do the computer matching service, those members whom are interested to do the computer matching, pls call 012-2401802 for appointment.

For those Malaysian Chinese, legally single, age 25 and above who are interested to join Cupid Space dating activities may also submit their application form ( must attached with copy of NRIC and photo and declaration of commissioner of oath)

website : www.cupidspacedating.com

《丘比特的天空》将於08/10/2016 ( 星期六),11.00am-3.00pm 间在DAMANSARA PERDANA 中心开放电脑配对服务予会员,有意参加者请联络012-2401802 预约。


23 September, 2016

Cupid Sekichan Romance Day Trip 15/10/2016

Cupid Sekinchan Speed Dating Day Trip 

Cupid Space is organizing 1 day Speed Dating trip to Sekinchan Balik Kampung Romance Day Trip (for Malaysian Chinese who are legally single) on 15/10/2016 (Saturday), From 8.00am to 8.30pm, cupid members will be gather at Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang at 8.00am on 15/10/2016 , departing by coach, cupid members is encourage to book for the trip before the closing date on 3/10/2016.

Event Details :

Event : Cupid Speed Dating Outing Day Trip (Sekinchan Balik Kampung Romance Day Trip)

Date : 15/10/2016 / Saturday/ (8.00am - 8.30pm)

Target Group : Malaysian Chinese , legally single
Female age : 25-37 ; Male age : 27-43

Fee : RM 210.00 per person
( included transport, Breakfast, Seafood Lunch & Dinner,  All Activities entry ticket ( eagle feeding boar tour, antique care ride, rice factory etc ,Sightseeing , Speed dating)

Closing Date : 03/10/2016

BOOKING HOTLINE : 012-2401802

《丘 比特的天空》将於 20161015日(星期六)举办单身联谊户外活动 ,前往著名的 《适耕庄渔米之乡》进行浪漫又刺激的1日游, 让单身华裔男女相互认识,有关联谊配对活动将从1015日当天8.00am Jalan Ampang 马华大厦集合开始进行联谊活动至晚上8.30 pm, 有意参与的会员必须於03/10/2016 之前向活动中心报名。


活动:《丘比特的天空》单身联谊户外活动一日游 适耕庄渔米之乡一日游

日期  15/10/2016,星期六,8.00am-8.30pm


女性 :年龄  25-37  男性:年龄  27-43

费用 RM 210.00 ( 包括交通,早餐,海鲜午餐及晚餐,活动入场费 (出海喂老鹰,古董车游稻田,参观米厂,著名景点观光和速配)

报名截止 15/10/2016

BOOKING HOTLINE : 012-2401802

02 September, 2016

cupid speed dating lunch 18/09/2016

Cupid Speed Dating Dinner,
 《丘比特的天空》 单身联谊午餐

18/09/2016, Sunday, 12.00pm-4.00pm


Cupid Space Dating is organizing a Speed Dating Lunch for  Malaysian Chinese, legally Single and eligible

Date: 18/09/2016 ( Sunday)
Time : 12.00pm-4.00pm
Venue : Padi House , Setia Walk Puchong (up stair private function area)

Target Group : Malaysian Chinese, Legally Single

( Education Level :  Diploma, Degree , Master + High School)
Female age : 34-40
Male age     : 40-50
Fee               : RM110 per pax For reservation Call/SMS 012-2401802 

 visit www.cupidspacedating.com

Closing Date : 08/09/2016

《丘比特的天空 》单身速配晚餐联谊

日期 :18/09/2016(星期六)
时间: 12.00pm-4.00pm
地点 Padi House , Setia Walk Puchong (up stair private function area)

收费 : 每人 RM110

对象: 马来西亚华裔单身男女     

 ( 教育程度 : 硕士/ 大专/大学)

i) 女生: 年龄 34-40
ii) 男生  年龄 40-50

报名热线: 012-2401802 

报名截止日期  08/09/2016