28 December, 2009

Up Coming Monthly Event For Eligible Singles

10/01/2010 Cupid Space Small Group -Speed Dating Lunch

10/01/2010 《丘比特的天空-小型聚会-速配午餐》

Date:日期 : 10/01/2010
Time 时间 :  12noon-4pm
Venue 地点  : Mum's Place Home Passions (PJ)

Target Group :
Malaysian Chinese, Legally Single,

              Female : Age 25 - 36 
               Male    :   Age 25 - 42 
(Education level: High School & Diploma level)

 GROUP B :  
 Female : Age 37 - 45 
  Male    :   Age 43 - 52 

   (Education level: High School ; Diploma, Degree & above)


A 组 :女性:年龄:25-36岁
            男性: 年龄 : 25-42岁

B组 :女性:年龄:37-45岁
            男性: 年龄 : 43-52岁

Booking Hotline 预订热线: 


 email: cupidspace@ymail.com
 * terms and condition apply 需符合条件

25 December, 2009

speed dating party ticket sold out

Speed Dating Party 2009 Tickets Sold Out !

We will update you our January 2010 speed dating event soon. 

For those who are participating in Speed Dating Party 2009, please be reminded to be punctual, registration will starts at 6.15pm, 26/12/2009,  Saturday. Please bring along your ticket and your nric to verify your entry.
参加2009年速配派对的朋友请於 26/12/2009(星期六), 615pm 准时 报到,请携带您的入场票及身份证为入场通行证明。

Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year 2010

07 December, 2009

Speed Dating Party 2009 速配派对

Up Coming Yearly Event For Eligible Singles

Cupid Space Speed Dating Party 2009 
《丘比特的天空-2009 速配派对》

Date 日期         :  26/12/2009 (Saturday/星期六)
Time 时间         :  6.30pm-12pm
Venue 地点       : The Legend Hotel

Target Group 对象:
Malaysian Chinese, Legally Single, Age group 25-42

Booking Hotline 预订热线: 

 email: cupidspace@ymail.com
                                                                                     * terms and condition apply 需符合条件

01 December, 2009

Cupid Space Members Data Breakdown as at 2009

Cupid Space Members Data Breakdown 

Join Us Now !
We would like to encourage more Malaysian Chinese, who are eligible and legally single , age 25 years old and above to join us Cupid Space as the single social platform to know more friends perhaps find your " Mr Right" Or "Ms Right" here.


28 November, 2009

Cupid Match Making Monthly Open Day

Cupid Space Activities Center is opening on every 1st Saturday of the month form 10am -2.30pm at Damansar Perdanan venue for cupid member to do the computer matching service .
For those Malaysian Chinese, legally single, age 25 and above who are interested to join Cupid Space dating activities may also submit their application during the above mention day and venue.

<丘比特的天空》将於每个月的第一个星期六,10am-2.30pm 间在DAMANSARA PERDANA 中心开放电脑配对服务於会员。