11 June, 2013

Cupid Speed Dating Day Trip

Cupid Speed Dating Outing -  Melaka Fruit Farm 1 Day Trip
                            13/07/2013  (Saturday)

  《丘比特的天空》- 单身联谊户外活动马六甲1日游 
13/07/2013 (星期六)      
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012-2401802 /03-77262266

Cupid Space is organizing 1 day Speed Dating trip to Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm Outing  (for Malaysian Chinese who are legally single) on 13/07/2013 (Saturday), From 8am to 9pm, cupid members will be gather at Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang at 7.45am on 13/07/2013 , departing by coach, cupid members is encourage to book for the trip before the closing date on 28/6/2013

 Event Details :
Event : Cupid Speed Dating Outing Day Trip ( Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm)
Date  : 13/07/2013 (7.45am - 9pm)/Saturday
Target Group : Malaysian Chinese , legally single
                       Female age : 25-37 ; Male age : 27-43
Fee                : RM190.00 per person
                      ( included transport,  farm entry fee, lunch, dinner , team building,activities and 
                       speed dating)
Closing Date :28/6/2013

《丘 比特的天空》将於 2013年7月13日(星期六)举办“单身联谊户外活动 1日游, 让单身华裔男女相互认识,有关联谊配对活动将从7月13日当天7.45am 於Jalan Ampang 马华大厦集合开始进行联谊活动至晚上9 pm, 有意参与的会员必须於28/06/2013 之前向活动中心报名。

活动详情 :
活动:《丘比特的天空》单身联谊户外活动一日游 (马六甲热带果园)
日期 : 13/07/2013,星期六, 7.45am -9pm
          女性 :年龄 : 25-37岁 ; 男性:年龄 : 27-43岁
费用 :RM190.00 ( 包括交通,农场入场费,午餐,晚餐,户外活动和速配)
报名截止 :28/06/2013