14 January, 2010

   Cupid Speed Dating Party 2009 Photo Gallery/2009丘比特 《2009速配派对》活动照片

丘比特 《2009速配派对》年度大型活动在240位单身华裔男女的互动下圆满进行,当天出席的单身男女人数各半,大家都积极活动,参与所有在台上和台上所进行联谊活动,不管是以团体交流还是1对1的速配,大家都希望在派对当晚能与心仪的对象交换联络号码或电邮,保持联络。晚会於11.30pm在热歌劲舞中结束,在这里祝福所有已经在当晚互相认识及交换了电话号码的朋友能够缔造良缘 , 有好消息请记得通知红娘哦我,让我们也沾沾您的喜气 :)

Cupid Speed Dating 2009 had achieved a great succeed with fun filled interactive amongst the 240 Malaysian Chinese eligible single whom had participated the event. 

Participants were aggressively took part in all ice-breaking games and interactive sharing sessions through out the nite, whether is for teamwork games or  1 to 1 speed dating session, participants were able to exchange contact number of each other.

We wish all participant whom had spotted he/her  " Potential Partner" will be able to develop further friendship after the event.

Folks, Do keep us inform if you have any romance to share, Good Luch , God Bless :)